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The culture of Servizi Italia

People. There is a common denominator which connects everything that moves within Servizi Italia and that’s the people. 

Our employees, our customers, our community.

Talking about values means to clearly state in black and white the practical guiding principles, which are by no means theoretical and which influence and change the way we behave in every aspect of our lives, including the work we do every day. 

It means to talk about people and to put them at the centre of our actions.


We improve the living experience inside hospitals.

We innovate the world of health services by imagining new scenarios and possibilities.


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Thinking about the future with optimism and the courage to innovate.

Continuously experimenting with ideas and considering change as the engine for sustainable growth leading to the creation of shared value to all stakeholders.

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Creating an equitable environment based on respect, sharing and inclusive communication.

Generating tolerance and feelings of belonging in all stakeholders who experience it. Achieving a cohesive environment by eliminating social marginalization and combating prejudice, to foster inclusion regardless of personal history and social background.

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Researching and developing effective solutions.

Overseeing customer needs with professionalism and ensuring high levels of service. Establishing relationships based on trust, operating with transparency, fairness and absolute integrity in every context.

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Loving what we do and doing it with enthusiasm, dedication and curiosity.

Seeking and accepting new challenges and new points of view. Sharing and promoting company values, feeling part of a group and a project.

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Acquire and convey consistency by always operating correctly and ethically.

Acting in line with our identity, role and aspirations, overcoming preset patterns and operating with constant responsibility.


We care about people’s health and strive every day to ensure the safety of those who live and work in healthcare facilities.

We do this with responsibility and courage, through discussion and sharing with partners and healthcare professionals, guided by the desire to seek innovation and excellence and imagining a sustainable future for the communities to which we belong.

Working in integrated healthcare services brings with it a great deal of responsibility.

We have a responsibility to look to the future with courage, the courage to grow and innovate in order to continue to create value. 

We have a responsibility to become the promoters and pioneers of sustainability, both environmental and social sustainability.

We have a responsibility to be forward-thinking players in the standardisation process as well as to drive the market in a direction that ensures that we can also be relied upon at key moments in history such as during a pandemic, a war or an in an economic crisis.

We have a responsibility to keep alive our passion, our dedication to work and the determination that brought us to where we are today. This means welcoming the problems rather than the solutions so as not to fear the challenges that we are bound to face during our journey.

We have a responsibility to be brave in order to redesign the future in our sector, to do things that others don’t without losing sight of the way in which we consistently defend our principles and values.

Looking to the future with courage and responsibility

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