Servizi Italia: a company where we can achieve excellence by working together


to be yourself with your unique characteristics within the workplace and beyond the digital sphere, allowing space for the cross-fertilisation of skills.

to allow room for you to have a private life and to be able to express your personal needs, because we are first and foremost people rather than merely workers.

to be curious and to be able to knock on the doors of your colleagues when in doubt, when there is something you don’t know and wish to learn.

This is the freedom on which we have created an inclusive working environment focused on relationships first and foremost.

A company where “we are all comfortable with each other” because closeness, not only physical closeness, is one of the values that enables us to help each other during challenging times.

A workplace where curiosity is the driving force behind change and leads to innovation. It enables you to be strategic, forward-thinking and to leave your own stamp.

Based on this freedom, Servizi Italia aspires to be a company where people can

  • build a successful career while remaining true to themselves without neglecting any aspect of their personal life;
  • work in a collaborative environment which encourages creativity and the sharing of experience, knowledge and talent;
  • embrace diversity as an opportunity for mutual growth.

Inclusive, non-hostile communication

Inclusion goes hand in hand with communication: words are, in fact, a very powerful instrument which, when used incorrectly, may lead to misunderstandings, breakdowns in communication and even become a means by which people are excluded and denied the opportunity to actively and effectively contribute to the success of the company.

To strengthen its commitment to the topic of inclusion, Servizi Italia has begun a training programme focusing on inclusive communication alongside Parole O_Stili, a social awareness project against the use of hostile language.

The aim of this project is to share the few simple rules that enable us to have a transparent, sincere and, above all, respectful dialogue among colleagues, and with Servizi Italia’s customers and all of its stakeholders.

Promoting inclusion, diversity, and freedom of expression is an essential aspect of good people management as well as a determining factor for sustainable growth including from a social point of view.

Work-life balance and Family Audit certification

Employees are the first stakeholders that every company must take care of because they represent the key link between the company and the outside world.

Recognising the importance of your staff’s well-being is to contribute to improving the quality of their lives, which will automatically improve their work-life balance, in other words the ability to maintain a healthy balance between their private life and their working life, which then translates into increased productivity.

The ways to improve work-life balance are:

Icona smart-working

Smart-working: up to two days a week for eligible roles

Icona flessibilità oraria

Flexible hours: flexible start and end times


Finishing early on Fridays: during summer letting staff leave work two hours before the end of the day

Icona Congedo parentale

Hours of parental leave: for staff on permanent contracts it is possible to split up parental leave

Icona Cessione solidale di ferie e permessi

Compassionate leave or time off: possibility to support staff at difficult times by granting them compassionate leave and reduced hours paid by the company

Icona Congedo per malattia dei figli

Time off when your child is sick: extra day of paid leave when a child between three and eight years of age is sick (total of two days).

Icona Permessi per screening medici

Time off for medical check-ups: possibility to use two hours paid leave for cancer screening tests promoted by the national health service.

Immagine icona per certificazione family audit

Servizi Italia has also chosen a human resources management system which effectively certifies the company’s commitment towards adopting initiatives that promote the balance between work and personal life: Family Audit

Diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion: SA8000 certification

The staff at Servizi Italia are of made up of different ages, genders, cultural backgrounds, geographical origins, professional experiences and skills; a diversity which we wish to maintain as we believe it brings value and opportunities to our company.

When people from different backgrounds work together, there is a positive mix in which ideas intersect and blend together creating a fertile ground for innovation.

To promote diversity, guarantee equal opportunities and eliminate any form of discrimination, we have chosen to adopt the SA8000 certification and a Code of Ethics, which is shared by all the companies of the Group.

Servizi Italia has set up a communication system for handling reports concerning SA8000 principles and requirements. The same communication channel can also be used to communicate any ideas for improvement related to the Social Accountability Management System.

Reports may also be made anonymously and the utmost confidentiality and impartiality will be guaranteed.

Reports that are not pertinent to the requirements of the SA8000 standard or that are offensive and/or hurtful to people’s dignity will not be taken into consideration.

Social well-being: Servizi Italia’s welfare

Servizi Italia has always been committed to ensuring that its staff receive equal pay, reflecting and recognising the skills and professional background of each individual.

The welfare and social well-being of employees, however, do not depend on financial gain only: for this reason the company reserves a portion of its resources to meet the social security and welfare requirements of staff also through fringe benefits such as, for example:

Icona assistenza sanitaria

private health care

Icona buoni spesa

lunch and shopping vouchers

Icona convenzioni per formazione e assistenza

agreements with local institutions and organisations that will offer training and development programmes as well as support with regard to childcare/the elderly/the disabled.

Giving space to listening and discussion: the focus of our training at Servizi Italia

Normalising discussion, even when we need to talk about “things that go wrong”, and making listening a shared practice. These are two objectives that Servizi Italia is pursuing in order to create a more and more integrated and close-knit team.

Professional training, in fact, cannot be separated from discussion and listening: starting from the things you wish to learn, the things that don’t work and the things that are missing, are all important steps to creating adequate staff development and training programmes that may:

  • bridge any objective gaps in the operational skills required for the employee to carry out their role;
  • identify the set of values and the strategy so that each employee can embrace them;
  • make everyone aware that training is also a driving force for corporate growth.

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