We believe that innovation is not just about adopting new technologies to increase process efficiency. Increasingly, innovation is about exploring new solutions to design the healthcare of the future.

In a world permeated by technology, it is inevitable to think that innovation comes almost exclusively through investment in new technology research.

There is no doubt about how important this kind of investment is: advanced technological systems give us the opportunity to work faster and more accurately, to ensure continuity, quality and safety in the delivery of our services, and to care for people and the planet while reducing our impact on the environment.

In fact, the services we provide are considered to be of public benefit and interest, and for this reason they cannot stop: surgical instruments, linens, and medical devices must be washed and sterilized every day to protect the health and safety of people, from patients to health care personnel.

For Servizi Italia, innovation also means much more. It means developing new models of health care that, thanks precisely to technological innovation, are able to put the doctor- patient relationship, the implementation of new health services in the home, and the training of care-givers at the center.

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