Si alla sostenibilità


We want to help create a better world for those who inhabit it today and for those who will inhabit it tomorrow by choosing an ethical and sustainable business model.

Communities are increasingly aware of and sensitive to the issue of sustainability: whereas until recently it resonated in the distance, today the transition to a sustainable economy is a present demand that increasingly comes from the citizenry and that companies cannot ignore.

For Servizi Italia, minimizing the impact on the environment and engaging socially means anticipating and going beyond regulatory impositions and, consequently, having the ability to

  • grasp the changes that this decision imposes,
  • embrace and embrace the culture of sustainability by translating it into concrete actions on a daily basis.

That is why we have put in place (and will continue to do so) resources and technologies to implement change and operate every day in a way that respects the environment and communities.


So that equality, inclusion and respect for human rights are the basis for equitable and shared well-being.

si alla sostenibilità sociale

Social sustainability is one of the pillars of an economic growth model that aspires to be both socially inclusive and ecologically sustainable.

For quite some time, environmental issues have been preponderant in sustainability policies, but today we are aware that the economy and the environment have a double link to social challenges.

Challenges that for Servizi Italia have the common goal of contributing to the construction of a better and more equitable society where companies, together with institutions, strive to ensure the health, well-being and safety of people.

Servizi Italia’s social sustainability projects.

Servizi Italia’s social sustainability projects.

We support local communities through liberal donations to organizations and associations working in the area. In particular, in recent years we have financed the project “Help us grow. Give us a book!” to donate books to children between the ages of 5 and 11, and supported the AIRC Foundation in research to cure cancer and in spreading correct information about prevention and therapeutic prospects.

ASSO Confederation. Humanitarian mission to Kiev

Following the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, we supported a humanitarian mission to Kiev that aims to reorganize the national blood collection service to benefit the war wounded. The initiative, promoted by ASSO Confederation and coordinated by the Biomedical University Campus in Rome, involves several Ukrainian professors and doctors.

Photo exhibition “Coronavirus veterans”

A two-year-long journey that resulted in a photo exhibition and a book in which health workers involved on the front lines of the fight against Coronavirus were able to open up and tell their emotional experiences. We supported Matteo Placucci’s project because we believe in the importance of raising awareness of what happened in hospitals during the pandemic and humanizing the relationship between healthcare workers and patients.

“Let’s start again with bees” project

Servizi Italia is participating in the project "Let's start again with bees" which aims to repopulate the territory and environment with honey bees. Twelve hives have been installed on the land adjacent to the Castellina (PR) office because we wish to contribute actively to the fight against climate change.

Youth sports associations

We have been collaborating for several years with youth sports associations in the area that are involved in getting younger children into sports and also in inclusion for people with disabilities.

Scientific Disclosure

We support fundamental research, education, and scientific outreach in health care by sponsoring specialized events, conferences, and congresses. Promotional activities are often carried out in cooperation with professional associations and associations of thematic purpose concerning the health care field and clinical risk management.

Relations with students, schools and universities

We believe that collaboration between the university and business worlds is of strategic importance for the country's innovation and development. That is why we adhere to the CBI – Challenge Based Innovation program of Almacube and the University of Bologna and have promoted a call for applications for 25 scholarships dedicated to employees and their children.

Constant dialogue with the community

We are committed to constant dialogue with the community through corporate pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, through articles published monthly on the corporate blog and periodically in trade magazines, local and business newspapers.

Relations with trade associations

We actively participate in the trade association Assosistema, which aims to protect, disseminate and improve the activities of the integrated health care services sector. We join the National Bilateral Body with the aim of encouraging and promoting research on the issues of corporate social responsibility and occupational health and safety.

Social sustainability also translates into actions designed to improve the quality of life of those who work within the company every day: learn how Servizi Italia takes care of its team.

SI to environmental sustainability

So that the responsible and conscious use of resources is the key to giving future generations the chance to live in a world still full of opportunities.

Sì alla sostenibilità ambientale

Investing in sustainable development is a commitment that is not just about what happens inside the company; it is a choice that must involve the local area and the community.

Improving one’s business model, integrating operational and financial performance with the social and environmental impact generated, is possible if companies together with institutions contribute to setting challenging and, at the same time, achievable energy policies.

Servizi Italia is committed to creating a safer world for the well-being of the planet (and consequently people) through:

  • The reduction of energy consumption,
  • The reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants,
  • The rational use of water resources,
  • Waste management and recovery,
  • The implementation of circular economy projects.

Servizi Italia’s environmental sustainability projects.

Energy consumption

To reduce energy consumption, we have embarked on a specific path of efficiency and waste reduction that includes: the installation of technologically advanced and interconnected meters on the main consumption centers of the Italian sites; the replacement of boilers and compressors; the elimination of coal from the energy sources used; and the installation of new generation LED lighting systems. We periodically conduct analyses and comparisons of the specific consumption of the energy resources used (methane gas, thermal energy, eucalyptus wood, and diesel oil).

Emissions to the atmosphere and CHG

We constantly strive to control the quantity and quality of atmospheric emissions from our operations. At the Italian sites the steam generators are fired by natural gas; at the Brazilian sites since the generators are fired by wood, the emission chimneys are equipped with ash and particulate abatement systems. Analysis, adjustment and calibration activities are carried out periodically at all sites.
Regarding greenhouse gas emissions Servizi Italia is constantly working to reduce them in close correlation with controlling the consumption of energy resources used for its business directly and indirectly.

Water resources management

Water supply and water use in the production process is a significant environmental aspect precisely because of the nature of the services performed. For this reason, the rational use, optimization of consumption and recovery of water is a priority objective that we pursue by installing process water recovery systems, modifying and modernizing washing machinery, and annually validating production processes to ensure the right balance quality of service and industry technical standards.
Control of the quantity and quality of water discharges is also of paramount importance: all sites are equipped with in-house wastewater treatment plants that bring the water output into compliance with the values required by regulations. In addition, chemical analyses of wastewater are carried out at all plants, either in-house or by external laboratories.

Use of consumables and packaging materials

In carrying out our activities, we purchase different types of packaging materials (those supplied to the customer for the collection of linen to be processed and those used for the final packaging of linen and surgical instruments). We use packaging characterized by minimal plastic thickness and made up of percentages of recycled plastic, and we facilitate the recovery activities of waste paper and plastic packaging.
In terms of chemicals required for washing, sanitizing and reconditioning, we use products with reduced environmental impact that meet most of the criteria drawn from the Ecolabel regulation and comply with current regulations.

Special waste management

The management of special waste (both hazardous and nonhazardous) is another significant environmental issue for Servizi Italia from the perspective of the volumes produced. For this reason we give preference, where possible, to recovery operations over the disposal of waste generated during the production cycle.
The Group has, in addition, initiated a process of digitalization of waste management to ensure greater traceability of the process and is investing in several industrial symbiosis projects to valorize the waste produced and give it a new life.

SI to good Governance

We believe that responsible management is one of the tools for pursuing sustainable success and creating value for the benefit of all stakeholders who relate to the company.

Sì alla buona governance

Innovation (particularly technological and digital innovation) and sustainability are the two assets on which the idea of Good Governance has been rooted in recent years: innovation as a motive for implementing a more sustainable business model, and sustainability as an element that permeates corporate strategy and is not merely a part of it.

In today’s scenario, these two levers remain crucial and, at the same time, should be an additional incentive to invest on

  • unique and excellent services that satisfy increasingly sustainability-conscious customers;
  • competent and flexible management that can act and make decisions in an environment characterized by speed, discontinuity, and uncertainty;
  • human capital because technological progress without human resources cannot trigger real change.

If you would like more information on Governance, please see the documents in the Investor Relations section.

If you want to know in detail all the actions put in place by Servizi Italia for sustainable development, please download the Sustainability Report 2022

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